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Your pre-wedding photo session is one of the most fun things you'll do with your partner in the entire wedding planning process.

It is escaping to a dream date while a professional photographer takes photos of you.

sesión de novios después de la ceremonia de bodas dentro del hotel ocean coral & turquesa h10

1. The first thing is to find a place that is perfect for the session

Think of a place you have always dreamed of. Do you like the beach more or do you prefer a cenote? Or maybe the city is more what represents you. Are you an introvert and do you feel more comfortable in a specific place?

If you have a hard time deciding on the place I can help you since it is my job to visit impressive places in the surroundings, so you can ask me for some recommendations o  we can choose it together.

2. What to wear for a pre-wedding session?

Comfort above all


During the pre-wedding session they will walk, sit, run and have a lot of fun, so the most important thing is to wear comfortable clothes. It's also a good idea to wear clothes that flatter your body type.




I'm a big fan of thecolorslight but earth colors are more natural and combine perfectly with nature, it doesn't matter if we are in the forest, the coast or the city, earth tones cannot go wrong. Light blue goes perfectly with the colors of the sky, white does not fail and Khaki works perfectly with nature of any kind. 

However, if you don't mind attracting attention and consider yourself an extrovert, you can wear very bold and colorful clothes. You can even search for clothes just for the photo shoot.




Small details add a special touch. I really like how the necklaces and earrings look in the photos. They look especially good when you move around, making images look even more dynamic. 

I recommend that you bring 2 changes of clothes so we can look for some very different places, when we change the background, the light and you change the look, it will look like you have had 2 different photo sessions.

sesión de fotos pedida de mano en Cancú

3. Hair and makeup

You should not abuse makeup for the session. Try to find the perfect balance between looking natural and feeling comfortable with yourself, you can use the same type of makeup that you would wear for a date with your partner.

The same advice applies to the hairstyle, remember that you are going to have a lot of photos with perfect hair on your wedding day, this day can be something more natural.

And most important of all, be yourself and trust me.

We seek to take pictures of people in love and real. Don't worry about the photo session. You are not going to pose. I will create an intimate atmosphere and give you clear advice and what to do at all times. 

Are you shy in front of the camera? Don't worry, it's normal, most of us are. My job is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable to have a good time, so don't overthink it, just enjoy the time with your partner and at the end of the day you will end up with amazing memories for the rest of your life.


Schedule a quick video call.

First, let's get to know each other and talk about how I can help you.

It's important for me to first understand your vision and the details of the wedding.

We'll make sure nothing important is missed or overlooked.

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